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Ex Libris: Essex Library News through the Decades


Since 1978, the Essex Library Association has published Ex Libris, a regular newsletter to keep patrons and members up-to-date of what’s happening at the library.

The newsletter has had many different formats and features over the years; the names and faces in the articles change over time too. The unifying theme throughout is the dedication the Essex community has for supporting the Essex Library. 

This exhibit features a selection of issues through the decades, from 1978 to today. To read more issues of Ex Libris, visit the full collection

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The Essex Library Association: A Brief History

Essex Library B&W photo 6 1960.pdf

Please enjoy The Essex Library Association: A Brief History, an exhibit of photos and documents from our archives.  From it's humble beginnings in 1889 starting with a small collection of books to it's expanded and essential place in the community over 130 years later, The Essex Library is a cornerstone of service and knowledge for our patrons.